Problematic Skin Cocktail


An effective concentrated preparation is intended for the correction of oily and problematic skin, for professional and subsequent home use. Improves skin texture, regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands and corrects oil balance problems in the skin. Eliminates irritation, comedones and sweating. Provides a matte finish and even texture, tightens pores, restores damage and moisture balance of the skin.

Enriched with biologically active complexes containing colloidal silver, azelaic acid, amino acids that contribute to the regulation of fat balance and antibacterial effect. The drug has the effect of forming a matte shade and is enriched with moisturizing ingredients.

How to use: apply a few drops of the drug to the skin and massage with light movements until completely absorbed. It is recommended to use hardware implantation methods using electro/phonophoresis, electroporation, low-intensity laser radiation.

Home use: in the evening, before going to bed, apply a small amount of the drug on clean skin, apply until completely absorbed with massage movements, spot use on problem areas is possible.

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Problematic Skin Cocktail