NEW conditions for ordering drugs on the international website kart.net.in for the month of August:

minimum order 200€ + 25€ shipping

️order from 300€ (370$) – free shipping

order from 400€ (490$) – free shipping + additional discount of 10%

order from 500€ (610$) – free shipping + additional discount of 15%

*Terms of order are valid during the month of August.

If you are on the territory of the Russian Federation, then all orders are made on the site www.academyexpert.ru. We offer to place an order by selecting the region in which you are located. This will help to reduce the cost and delivery time.

If you have not found your region, we suggest placing an order on our website.

When placing an order, be sure to indicate your contact information as fully as possible: full name, delivery address, contact numbers. Your purchases are sent to the address provided during registration, so inaccuracies in contact information may lead to subsequent delivery problems. After placing an order, the operator will send you an email notification that your order has been processed. You will also receive an automatic email with your order details. Orders can be placed online at any time of the day, however, customer orders are processed during business hours, so orders placed on weekends or after hours will be processed according to the store’s opening hours.

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