Израильская косметика

Company Profile

Kart Cosmetics Ltd is a privately owned company established in 1993.

Based in Israel, the company’s headquarters are located in the central district of Rishon Le-Zion.
Kart Laboratories combine a scientific approach with advanced technologies. Based on innovative and active product ingredients, providing fast and efficient solutions for various skin problems.

The company engages in research, development and manufacturing of high quality cosmetic products, designed for trained foot professionals and beauticians. Its products are widely marketed throughout the country by professional centres, as well as exported worldwide.

Our Expertise

Focusing on the development, manufacturing and marketing of professional cosmetic and pedicure products, creating a wide variety of treatment options and choices for all skin types and any related issues. Designing products for professional use by trained foot professionals and beauticians as well as for home use as an aftercare range.


Products & Product Ranges

Striving to meet and maintain high international quality and standards, we follow strict manufacturing and monitoring processes. Monitoring the product from planning and development stages, production process and packaging right up to shipping.
Our products are being marketed and distributed via licensed and authorized trained foot professionals and beauticians only. Offering a wide variety of product lines, both skin and footcare. A large number of our products are approved and recommended by the Israeli Diabetic Association.


Kart products are exported to countries in east and west Europe, including Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and the Baltic states. We have also recently extended our export to western European countries, including Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Professional training

Kart Cosmetics are continuously educating, teaching, instructing, guiding and training our professionals through dedicated professional trainings and conferences.
Through these training sessions we offer practical and theoretical experiences, as well as extensive information for all products ranges, in order to provide our students with the best professional tools to support their success.

Benefits of working with Kart products

  • Saving time and energy when performing pedicures of any complexity
  • Solving a therapeutic and prophylactic effect that effectively treat most types of fungal infections and solve the problem of unpleasant foot odour
  • With a guarantee of a complete atraumatic experience during the treatment
  • Allowing the removal of corns – pain free
  • For ingrown toe nail treatments
  • Allergy Free – products contain high concentration of natural and active components that do not cause allergic reactions
  • Complementary aftercare products to salon treatments prolonging results
  • High anti-bacterial qualities, promoting fast cell regeneration
  • No foot soaking required
  • Most products are fully safe for pregnant women and suitable while breastfeeding
  • Effective in treating cracked heels, dry skin and any other skin traumas
  • Suitable for diabetics

For further information please visit our website at: www.kart.co.il

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