Site terms of use

The process of buying goods on the site, delivery times and method of receipt

1.If the ordered product is out of stock despite what is stated on the website, the customer will be sent the approximate arrival time of the product in stock and the customer will have the right, at their discretion, to cancel the order as specified in these rules. Notwithstanding the above, in the event that the product is out of stock, the company will have the right to cancel the transaction and of course refund the customer’s money he paid and cancel his fees, but the customer will not have any right to receive any compensation for this. 2. A delay in delivery for any reason does not entitle you to receive compensation and / or monies other than your right to cancel the transaction as specified in this agreement. 3. Delivery of products purchased on the site, the total value of which exceeds 300 euros, will be sent to the buyer’s home at the expense of the sender. The total purchase amount, which does not exceed € 300, will include the cost of delivery of € 25, delivery to the buyer’s home or, alternatively, to the post office closest to his place of residence. 4. All prices shown on the website are in Euros as the site ships worldwide. 5. All products are certified only in Israel. 6. The Company may from time to time and at its discretion offer products sold on the Site or other products at reduced prices and / or discounts, and / or under various promotions and / or provide various benefits. 7. Such promotions will run for periods of time, time and conditions that the company determines in its sole discretion, and this will not constitute a claim by a customer who purchased a similar product at a higher price outside of the promotion. 8. It will not be possible to return or cancel a product, nor will it be possible to replace products purchased through special promotions that will be held from time to time on the site. Purchases of the product as part of the sale are final and cannot be canceled or replaced unless the product is found to be defective. 9. Cancellation of a transaction due to a defect in the product will obligate the buyer to return any benefit gained from the purchase. 10. We respect your privacy. In any case, we will not provide personal information relating to your account to third parties, except as necessary to complete the transaction, order and delivery and / or the service you have chosen to purchase. 11. With regard to the details of the means of payment you have provided (credit card number, bank account number, etc.), its use will of course be solely for the purpose of making a payment and will not be shared with any other party other than for the purpose of making a payment (for example, a credit company, a bank). Since the credit card details are entered directly into the website of the clearing company, and they are not found at all and / or stored in our database, therefore our company is not able to use this data. Cancellation of the transaction, replacement and / or return of goods 12. By law, anyone who purchases a product in a remote transaction, such as through a website, may cancel the transaction in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act 5741-1981 (hereinafter: the “Consumer Protection Act”). We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law before making a purchase. 13. Right of cancellation and cancellation methods: In a distance selling transaction, the consumer may cancel the transaction in writing from the date of the transaction up to 14 days from the date of receipt of the property or from the date of receipt of the document containing the details specified in Section 14. (b) of the Consumer Protection Act, whichever is what comes later; Cancellation of the transaction will be made by sending a message to customer service and confirming receipt by email. Returns of products delivered to the customer are only possible if they have not been used and only if they are returned in the condition in which they were delivered to the customer at the time of receipt. It will be impossible to return a product that has been used, or even partially. Any return of products that are not defective will be subject to a handling fee of 5% or € 30 (NIS 100) (whichever is less) and / or in accordance with the legislation at the time. 14. Result of cancellation due to defect or non-conformity: In the event of cancellation due to a defect in the product or due to a discrepancy between the product and the product details provided to you in relation to the product at the time of purchase, or due to non-delivery of the product on the date set at the time of purchase, or other breach of contract between us, we will refund money before the cancellation date within 14 days from the date we received the cancellation notice and we will cancel the transaction fee for fees that have not yet been made. We will provide you with a copy of the cancellation fee and will not charge you a cancellation fee. If you have already received the item, it must be returned in its original packaging, in the form in which you received it at the time of receipt. 14.1. Any transaction cancellation will automatically void any benefit and / or right and / or gift received by the customer as part of the transaction and / or payment, and the customer will return this benefit immediately upon the transaction cancellation and / or return of the item, including free shipping. 14.2. In any event, if such a transaction is canceled, you will not have the right to claim damages for the cancellation, and your right is limited to receiving a refund of the money you paid up to that time and canceling future payments. 15. Damage to the product: 15.1 – Subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, the above provisions do not prejudice the site owner’s right to claim damages from you, as the value of the property has decreased as a result of deterioration in condition and / or packaging caused after the product was delivered to you. / Or a product defect and / or non-conformity has been discovered for which you have terminated the contract. 16. Product warranty: 16.1 – The warranty / shelf life of the shipped products is different, but not less than 12 months from the date of receipt of the order in the hands of the recipient. All other information is indicated on the packaging. 16.2 – Completion of the purchase means your statement that you have read the terms of the product warranty. The warranty terms are an integral part of the agreement between you and us. 16.3 – KART PODOLOGY is not responsible for damage caused as a result of using the product purchased on the site in violation of the manufacturer’s instructions and / or additional instructions for use provided to him by the company, whether as part of a purchase or during collection. 17. General: 17.1 – The service on the site is as it is, and the client will not face any claims and / or requirements and / or claims against the company or anyone on its behalf in relation to the functions of the service, characteristics, limitations or lack of compliance with the capabilities, the requirements and needs of the customer. 17.2 – Any delay or impediment to the fulfillment of any obligation that we have undertaken under this agreement and arising from an event that is not under the control of the company due to any superior or natural hazards and / or war, etc. violation of this agreement. 17.3 – These terms and conditions exhaust everything that is agreed between us and you in everything related to the execution of transactions and purchases on this site. 17.4 – The law applicable to the use of this website and the terms in these rules are Israeli law only. Exclusive jurisdiction is granted to the competent courts in Tel Aviv and the Central Districts.