Normalizing Tonic


Balancing and refreshing facial tonic for matte finish. Suitable for combination to oily skin to complete skin cleansing. Gently and efficiently removes dirt and excess sebum, reduces wide pores appearance, maintains skin’s pH balance, reduces the appearance of blemishes, and prevents future occurrences of pimples. Contains Azaleic acid, Silver ions and antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients. Enriched with Azulen and Calendula – calming ingredients that contribute to maximum relaxation. Leave the skin clean, fresh, and with matte finish for a long time.

Use: Shake well before use. Morning and evening, soak some tonic on cotton wool and wipe the facial skin. Suitable for daily use. Repeat as needed.

Use the product for its intended purpose and according to the instructions. Do not use this product if sensitivity to any of the ingredients is known. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with the eyes and in such case wash thoroughly and immediately with water. Keep away from children.

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Normalizing Tonic