Podo White Cap 13 mm – gran. 150 / pack 25 pcs 

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Pedicure caps:

Waterproof abrasive caps White PodoCaps.



  • granulation of the coating: 60/80/150
  • cap diameter: 10 – 13 mm
  • material of the coating: cosmetic corundum (aluminum oxide)
  • durable ABS plastic is used as a base


Types of caps:

  • 60 Grid – extra coarse – to remove severe cases of hyperkeratosis
  • 80 Grid – coarse – to remove average cases of hyperkeratosis
  • 150 Grid – medium grain – for grinding / polishing of skin


Quantity in a package: 25 pcs



  • The abrasive is white wear-proof cosmetic corundum (aluminum oxide), which is not used in any other caps (it resembles diamond in terms of density)
  • While working, with White (Green) PodoCaps there is practically no abrasive material dropping
  • Easiness, high speed and fine quality of skin treatment (hyperkeratosis)
  • Suitable for wet skin
  • High thermal conductivity of the caps allows you to work without overheating the skin
  • Stylish design and convenience of usage
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Podo White Cap 13 mm – gran. 150 / pack 25 pcs