Extra Gel Remover

Цена только для мастеров

For Professional Use Only!

Highly effective liquid remover for treating and softening thick, dry and rough foot skin in “dry pedicure method”.

Use: Take a thin cotton pad and absorb it with Liquid Remover and place on the treated area. Wrap the foot with cling film for about 4-7 minutes or as needed. Remove the cling film and the cotton pad. Using Kart scalpel remove all the dissolved skin carefully. Wash feet thoroughly at the end of the treatment. For better results, use “Kart” Dry and Cracked Foot Cream.

Do not use Extra Gel Remover on open wounds and cracked skin. It is an obligation to wear gloves before using Extra Gel Remover. Do not use sharp and intrusive instruments while using Extra Gel Remover. Do not soak the feet in water. Use Extra Gel Remover only on thick and rough foot skin to avoid hurting the healthy skin layers. Do not use on thin, sensitive, wound or irritate skin. Stop using this product if any sign of irritation appear. Do not swallow. Avoid Contact with eyes. Keep away from children. Professional use only.

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Extra Gel Remover