Cooling & Relieving Sport Gel


A refreshing and cooling gel for calming swollen and tired legs. The gentle and light textured gel combines cooling ingredients like Menthol and Camphor oil with soothing Aloe Vera and lavender, which absorb instantly into our skin. Provides cooling sensation, relaxing, refreshing and restores energy immediately after use on tired legs and hands. It improves blood circulation and helps in reducing pains. Promotes blood drainage and circulation. As well as helping to relax the muscles and remove toxins.

It is recommended for athletes and pregnant women or for tired and swollen legs.

Use: With drainage technique massage use a good amount of gel over your feet and carves of your legs using gentle strokes from bottom of your feet up till your knee. Use it 2-3 time a day or as required.

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Cooling & Relieving Sport Gel