Eye Shield


Intensive nourishing cream for the correction of age-related changes. Improves the condition of skin around eyes, slows down the process of natural aging, helps to eliminate puffiness and dark circles. Active moisturizing, nourishing and soothing components help to renew the connections between different layers of skin cells and restart regenerative processes, which are weakened with age. The cream contains bioactive mimetic peptides that relieve subcutaneous muscle tension, reducing the number and depth of facial lines. Includes BoNT-L-peptide for intensive correction with “botox” effect. Regular use slows down age-related changes, retains moisture, improves skin texture, and restores elasticity and firmness, giving a feeling of freshness and comfort.

How to use: Apply the cream around the eyes with light patting movements, until completely absorbed. To improve the result, it is recommended to apply Unicare line Eye Tech Serum for the area around eyes.

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Eye Sheild 30ml
Eye Shield