Dry & Cracked Feet Cream (Lemon)


Dry and Cracked Foot Cream is very rich and thick in texture. Ideal for treating dry and cracked feet, hands and elbows. It is also used to treat cracked heels, keratosis and hyperkeratosis. It treats flaky and dry skin, conditions and hydrates and prolongs the results for a much longer period of time.

Shea butter, almond and palm tree oil promote a faster cell renewal process, anti-inflammatory, regenerate and tone the skin as well as preventing it from drying and flaking. Lavender oil, tea tree oil and calendula provide with anti-mycosis and anti-bacterial qualities.
For professional and home use.

 Use: Apply the cream on clean feet and massage thoroughly, focus mainly on the problematic areas.

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Dry & Cracked Feet Cream (Muscus)
Dry & Cracked Feet Cream (Lemon)