Clear & Matte


The line of cosmetic products for oily and combination skin with a matting effect.



Oily and combination skin is characterized by increased greasiness, excessive oily sheen, being acne-prone, large pores, blackheads, inflammation, irritation and heterogeneous texture. There are many reasons causing these skin imperfections: endocrine disruptions, dysbacteriosis and avitaminosis, dermatological disorders and stress.

But what about the owners of this type of skin, who constantly suffer from excessive productivity of the sebaceous glands, what can they do?

Shiny face brings about a lot of discomfort: it deprives one’s image of fresh and well-groomed look, spoils even the most persistent makeup and is the main cause of skin rashes.

In summer, the problem gets worse, and not only with those whose skin type is oily or combination. Bad ecology and high air temperatures can cause an unpleasant oily film to appear on your face.

The dream of all the shiny skin owners is to get rid of it!

There is a way out – KART skincare products with matting effect.

An important task is not to let oily and combination skin turn into problematic skin and to avoid the appearance of sebum plugs. Proper daily care based on gentle cleansing, regular hydration and suppression of inflammation will help to keep the situation under control. Otherwise, a violation of sebum secretion will inevitably lead to the weakening of the respiratory and protective skin properties, and to the decrease in local immunity.

The products in the Clear & Matte line are capable of comprehensively and professionally, effectively and equitably solving all the problems in caring for oily and combination skin. They perform several tasks at once:

  • regulate the work of the sebaceous glands
  • absorb excess sebum
  • remove dead cells from the surface of the epidermis
  • moisturize dehydrated skin
  • shrink pores
  • have antibacterial and antioxidant effects
  • maintain skin elasticity and softness
  • soothe irritations and redness
  • make the skin smoother
  • have a matting effect

The products of Clear & Matte line gently and effectively care for oily and combination skin. They provide professional therapy and supportive home care from makeup remover to the full-fledged skincare at home. Each product in the line complements and enhances the effect of other products, providing full-fledged, comprehensive skincare and treatment of imperfections.

Carefully selected ingredients with the use of lamellar emulsion make it possible to multiply their effectiveness, ensure transportation to the deep layers of skin, significantly reducing the chance of irritation appearance.

Active Ingredients:

MONTANOV ™ 202 complex is a lamellar emulsion with a matting effect, which has a particularly light texture, does not irritate skin and is an active moisturizer.

Lysine Carboxymethyl Cysteinate & Lysine Thiazolidine Carboxylate is a unique complex with a sebostatic effect, based on two sulfur compounds, in combination with lysine amino acid. The complex helps to stabilize the activity of sebaceous glands. It is suitable for oily and mixed-type skin of different age categories.

AZELAIC ACID (a carboxylic acid) – has a wide range of effects: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, sebostatic, keratolic, depigmentative, and it also reduces the signs of premature skin aging.

Lactic Acid – belongs to hydroxyl acids and is a part of the NMF skin complex. It is not aggressive, does not irritate skin, it is safe to use. Besides, lactic acid is an active moisturizer and exfoliator, which is suitable for oily and combination skin.

Colloidal Silver – has the smallest particles of metallic silver, dispersed in a liquid medium and forming a colloidal solution. It has a high antibacterial activity due to the complexing, biochemical and catalytic effects of silver on bacterial and viral enzymes (in particular, the ones for oxygen metabolism), as well as on proteins and membrane structures. It relieves redness in case of acne, couperose, rosacea, strengthens the immune system, recovers skin, including after mechanical damage, wounds and burns.

Pyrithione Zinc is a complex compound containing zinc. It causes a high normalizing effect on the production of sebum. The product is effective as an antibacterial and antifungal component, suppressing the reproduction and vital functions of fungi and pathogenic microorganisms. It is effective for seborrhea, and it reduces itching.

Azulen  – has an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-allery effect, accelerates the processes of skin regeneration and recovery. It normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, helps to eliminate oily sheen on the face.

The composition of the preparations includes moisturizing and vitamin (E, B3, PP) complexes, hyaluronic acid, minerals, plant extracts.

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