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  1. Aimee Del Toro says:

    Hi, I’m interested in learning about your products and being able to buy them to use the services in my salon.

  2. Delia N. says:

    Hello, i’m a master Kart Effective Feet and i would like to know how can i partecipate at the courses about your cosmetic products?

    • KART says:

      Good afternoon!
      Our representative from Italy will contact you and answer all your questions.

  3. Alex7187 says:

    Hi I’m interested in learning about your product and being able to buy them to use the services in my salon thanks

  4. Julija says:

    Hello.I am from Switzerland,the owner of Pedicure Salon.would like to join community and true the products.
    I was trying to register ,but something goes wrong.Txanks for help.
    Best regards
    J.Lang Beauty&Care
    Geenfit Fitness&Golf

  5. Esteticagiany says:

    Hola ,me he registrado mal creo ,tengo el diploma Kart y creo que me registre como cosmetologo .Me pueden ayudar a cambiar ,necesito comprar los productos para mi salón. Gracias.

  6. elizabeth mcevoy says:

    Hello I’m trying to register but my certificate is too big to load up. I want to learn more about your pedicure products. I have a home salon that offer pedicures with hard skin removal but your products look amazing

  7. riznic andreea says:

    I am looking for a cure for nail fungus. I am already using the product under the supervision of a pedicurist.I would like to buy them directly from you without paying extra to the pedicurist. Thank you very much. I am waiting for your answer.

    • KART says:

      Andreea, we have a representative office in your country, you need to contact them for purchasing. Contact information has been sent to you by email.

  8. Natalia says:

    I can not download a certificate in jpg, gif, png . I have it only in jpeg. Please help me to register. Thank you

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