“M-Balance” Line

Safe and effective lightening!

Line for clarification and elimination of hyperpigmentation

Shining beautiful skin is one of the main conditions of attractiveness. Uneven color, heterogeneous relief “visually add age”, so many basic cosmetology programs are aimed at improving the complexion. How to make the skin beautiful, even color, and also how to save it and save the result ?! To help us, we come to modern, lightening products of the M-Balance line, from KART. Cosmetic means that can safely and effectively prevent the appearance of pigmentation, as well as eliminate existing pigment spots.

The cause of the appearance of hyperpigmentation can be different, pigment spots of different sizes and shapes can appear on the skin at any age and for a variety of reasons, but the mechanism of occurrence of one is a violation of the synthesis and distribution of melanin.

To solve the problems of improving the complexion, KART specialists developed and used bioactive components that effectively, multifacetedly and comprehensively influence the various stages of melogenesis:

  • decreased activity of melanocytes
  • The pigment in the cells no longer accumulates
  • controlled exfoliation without inflammation
  • restore the barrier functions of the skin
  • processes of premature aging
  • antioxidant protection increases
  • clarifies, the complexion and skin texture is leveled


high-tech bioactive complexes:

  • complex of kojic and lactic acids in combination with an extract of licorice * Depresses the enzyme tyrosinase, prevents the formation of pigment spots and fights with existing ones, has a keratolytic effect, bleaches the skin, has a softening and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Neodermyl® complex is a patented formula of high-tech molecules that, when ingested, provide the synthesis of natural structural proteins (collagen and elastin), stimulates the work of fibroblasts, the skin acquires elasticity and elasticity;

natural complex Meadowfoam Seed Oil

* Meadow seed oil is one of the most stable lipids, has an exceptional oxidative stability, contains a unique combination of fatty acids, is easily absorbed without leaving a greasy shine. It nourishes, moisturizes and renews the skin, has strong anti-oxidizing properties,

improves the structure and elasticity, prevents the formation of wrinkles, softens and soothes;

a unique complex of hyaluronic acid
* The composition includes molecules of various sizes: they promote optimal penetration into skin cells, stimulate cellular processes, possess the property of retaining a large number of water molecules, impart elasticity and high resistance to external negative factors;

α + β – hydroxy acids – exfoliate the keratinized cells, stimulate the regeneration processes, stimulate cellular renewal, brighten the skin and prevent the appearance of pigment spots, have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect;

α-arbutin – gently oppresses the key enzyme melanogenesis-tyrosinase and reduces the activity of cells that synthesize melanin, removes pigment spots, has a bleaching and softening effect, protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, increases immunity, has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect;

stable and highly concentrated formula of vitamin C
* stimulates the growth of fibroblasts, enhances the regeneration of tissues, has a bleaching property, is an active antioxidant;

stable and highly concentrated formula of vitamin E
* slows down the aging process, strengthens cell membranes, protects against oxidative processes, removes inflammation.

Regular use of M-Balance products gives real results – the skin restores its healthy appearance!

!All whitening procedures must be carried out with maximum UV protection!
!Regularly conduct professional procedures!
!Use preparations for daily home care!
!Do not throw started halfway!

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