косметика Timeless

The modern line of drugs aimed at correcting age-related changes in the skin makes it possible to strengthen natural regeneration processes, weakened by time, rhythm of life and the impact of the environment. Restore the contour of the face and prevent thinning of the skin.

The preparations of the Timeless line are developed on the basis of three leading theories of skin aging in accordance with the latest technologies, using innovative ingredients and without surgical intervention. The drugs stimulate the skin’s natural ability to regenerate after the harm done, promote the elasticity of the skin, stimulate the production of endogenous growth factors and restore the tissue of all layers of the skin. Provide instant moisturizing of the skin and improve the functions of the moisturizing barrier, promote moisture retention, smooth out noticeable fine and deep wrinkles, reduce the effect of stress on the skin, protect against damage caused by oxidative processes.

The main components of the Timeless line

Progeline ™ – the peptide inhibits the aging of the dermis with the activity of the enzyme Progerin. Stimulates the synthesis of the components of the dermis, protects endocollagen and allows you to suspend tissue aging of the skin.

Adipofillin ™ – an amino acid of plant origin strengthens, provides support and filling of the dermal framework, resulting in an increase in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and their losses with age decrease. Improves the structure and elasticity of the stratum corneum, saturates the skin with moisture.

DermCom® is a 100% natural component that produces an intercellular bond between the epidermis and the dermis, for the subsequent stimulation of the natural mechanism of production of collagen and elastin in skin cells, the synthesis of keratin, and plays a significant role in the processes of water conservation. Performs a structure-forming function, significantly improving the elasticity, elasticity and tone of the skin.

CM-Glucan® – a polysaccharide derived from yeast, has healing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties, restores the natural defenses of the skin, increases its resistance to stress factors, stimulates the production of collagen by the cells of the dermis, and thereby helps to smooth fine wrinkles. One of the main effects is a rejuvenating immunomodulatory effect, which can actually improve the condition of the skin and prolong its youth.

The action of the preparations of this line is intensified due to the constituent vitamins and base natural oils, extracts (wheat germ oil, shea butter, olive, sesame, jojoba, sunflower, rosemary, thyme, sage, cloves, orange, aloe vera, cucumber, chamomile , algae), which gives a powerful prolonged moisturizing, regeneration, regeneration and protective effect.