Plumping Gel

Цена только для мастеров

The gel is designed to soften the top layer of the skin before deep, professional skin cleansing. Suitable for all skin types. Due to its plant composition and alkaline pH, it has active loosening, softening properties and facilitates the extraction of comedones. The urea in the gel moisturizes and relieves irritation, orange seed extract combined with aloe vera and allantoin provide a softening, soothing and anti-inflammatory detox effect.


Method of application: apply evenly on clean skin, avoiding the area around the eyes, cover with a film (you can use a vaporizer or apply a warm compress). The exposure duration is 5-15 minutes. depending on the type of skin. Carry out processing in zones, removing part of the film. After completing the procedure, remove the remaining gel with a damp cotton pad and wipe the skin with Exfol Lotion antiseptic lotion, apply the Calamine Mask disinfecting soothing mask.


For professional use only!

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Plumping Gel