Foot Enzimatic Peeling


Enzymatic peeling, unique to Kart, based on the papaya fruit extract, contains urea and other active ingredients that soften and remove the layer of dead cells without soaking. The enzymes create fast acting flash effect increases blood flow to the foot, causing softening of nail and cuticle. Suitable for use in cracked/sensitive foot combined with “CuticPeel” by Kart.

Use: Clean the foot thoroughly with Balancing Feet Soap, Apply the peeling all over the foot, especially on the problematic areas, Wrap the foot with cling nylon for 10 minutes, remove and rinse well.

Do not use this product if you are sensitive to any of its ingredients, In case any sensitive reactions appear following its application stop using and consult with a physician. Do not swallow, avoid contact with eyes, keep away from children.

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