Unique Remover

Цена только для мастеров

Peeling cream, for treating and softening upper layer of very thick and unhealthy nail, ideal for softening dry and cracked foot together with Kart “Enzymatic Foot Peeling”.

Use: Apply the cream generously on each nail and wrap with cling nylon for 10 minutes. Wipe, do not wash, and start the treatment.

To soften dry foot skin: mix half spoon (2ml) of Unique Remover with one spoon (4ml) of  Enzimatic Foot Peeling, Apply the mix especially on the problematic areas, for 10 minutes, remove and start the treatment.

For Professional use after instruction.

Use gloves while applying the cream. Do not use on healthy fingernails.  Avoid applying on wide areas. Stop using this product if you are sensitive to any of its ingredients and in case any sensitive reactions appear following its application.

Do not swallow, avoid contact with eyes, keep away from children.

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