Bamboo Peeling

Цена только для мастеров

Professional Peeling with Bamboo beads, enriched with alpha & beta hydroxy acids to improve skin texture and to balance the natural activity. Suitable for post Acne treatment, reduces enlarged pores, neutralizes increased oil secretion, peels and encourages top layer cells renewal, lightens spots and scars and prevents hyper pigmentation caused by Acne, rejuvenates and provides fresh and glowing face skin.

Usage: Clean the face thoroughly with soap and degreaser. Apply thick layer of the peeling (as a mask), wait 2 – 5 minutes and massage gently for few minutes. rinse thoroughly few times with cold water.

Do not apply around the eyes and lips.

Do not apply any cream 24 hours after the peeling.

It recommends to calm the skin with Kart  relaxing spray.

Professional use only!

It is an obligation to take a professional training course before use.

Do not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from children.

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